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In 2018 the Ukrainian government introduced a new type of visa for foreigners desiring to visit Ukraine for short periods. The e-visa designed to promote tourism in Ukraine by simplifying the procedure for obtaining visas for eligible citizens.

The Ukraine E-Visa is a single entry online visa which allows holders to stay in Ukraine for a maximum of 30 days. It is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival in Ukraine.

All E-Visa applications are processed within urgent (1 working day) or non-urgent (3 working days) procedure.

Nationalities eligible for the Ukraine E-Visa:

Do not worry, if you are not on the list of E-Visa eligible countries. You can still get the Ukrainian visa in a smooth way. Unlike the online visa, you will have to visit the nearest Ukrainian embassy for the personal application submission. All the travel confirmations required for your application will be prepared within 24h.

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We are Ukraine based agency dealing with organization of travel activities on the territory of Ukraine

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Confirm to the border authorities your travel arrangements & services


We are committed to providing the best and most efficient Ukraine travel services available online

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using your services to plan my trip?

We offer a wide selection of private tours in Kiev, from must-see tours that cover the essential sites, to in-depth tours focusing on specific topics.
You can choose walking tours or tours by car depending on the itinerary and your preferences.
All of our tours are private, designed just for you and your friends or family, and over the years we carefully selected a small team of friendly and knowledgeable guides to give you the best possible experience.

How far in advance should I book my reservation?

We do have folks who book last minute and most of the time there is availability, however we recommend booking your reservation at least 1-3 months in advance. Your reservation deposit is transferable if you need to reschedule your travel.

Will my guide speak English well?

All of our guides are either native English speakers or completely fluent in English. We have an extremely high standard of English proficiency for guides who work with us.

Do you offer tours in languages other than English?

We can also provide private tours in other languages. Please contact us well in advance for further information and availability.

What exact documents should I present on arrival?

You should present all travel confirmations, insurance, etc.

What are the deadlines for E-visa submission?

All E-Visa applications are processed within urgent (1 working day) or non-urgent (3 working days) procedure.

Do you handle Air tickets along with Train tickets?

We do not handle Airline tickets since it is just as easy to book them yourself on the Internet. There are many discount Airlines flying to Kiev, for instance Wizz Airlines is one of the more popular ones. We can however, purchase in advance train tickets and arrange basically every other form of transportation for your trip in Ukraine.

How do I book an activity or a package?

You can book activity, apartment or any other service from us by sending us an email with the details of your request. The booking can also be done filling out the respective booking form. We respond within few hours (often much sooner) to all requests. You can also call us

What will I be charged at the time of booking an activity?

For activity confirmation we will typically require deposit. Deposits vary, so please contact us with the specific activity or package in mind to find out the requirement.

Do you offer any discounts?

Of course! We are always flexible and will work with you to fit into your budget. Further discounts are also available for particularly large groups and regular clients.

Can we make changes to the itinerary?

Sure! If you would like to change your tour itinerary, please contact us.


Amit Kuma

Fully satisfied & highly recommend this service for the travel matters

Chad Lau

Fast and efficient travel solution to Ukraine. One of the best agencies so far

Nazrul islam

Will be definitely using your service again next year for me and my family

Nazrul islam

Will be definitely using your service again next year for me and my family

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